Improving Quality of Life with Resident Social Profiles


Arbor Company

Atlanta, Georgia

Laura Ellen McAvoy, VP of Engagement & Training


The Arbor Company operates 20 independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in nine states. 


Laura Ellen oversees the development and implementation of each community's engagement program, focused on providing a tiered approach to engaging residents based on physical, cognitive and personalized needs. She is also responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of the Arbor Company's Cognitive Care Training program that is geared toward educating and teaching skills needed to interact, engage and care for residents related to dementia and other cognitive impairments.

The Arbor Company had a manual resident social profile assessment that was completed on paper. This assessment captures the answers to a variety of questions regarding the resident’s background, personality, family, hobbies, religion, traditions, and interests. Arbor Company wanted to be able to enter this information into Vitals so they could easily analyze and report on the data. 

Vitals Role and Resolution

Vitals replicated Arbor’s resident social profile assessment into an electronic format within the interface. The automation of this process has also allowed The Arbor Company to pull reports and identify quality programs that meet the masses. In addition, it interfaces with the automated resident caregiver task sheets by including a summary of the resident’s social profile. As a result, the staff at each community are able to interact and engage with each resident according to their individual preferences to improve quality of life.


  • Eliminated manual process of data collection

  • Developed an electronic version of the resident social profile that provides a snapshot of the resident and what is important in their life

  • Coordinated the resident social profile with the resident’s physical assessment by interfacing the summaries of each resident’s social profile into their individualized caregiver task sheets

  • Identified programming that meets the common interests of the residents

  • Improved overall quality of life for the residents