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    Billing & Accounts Receivable

    Optimize your business as you maximize your bottom line.

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    Billing & Accounts Receivable

    Avoid service creep by having a direct interface to automated care levels on resident assessments.
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    Billing & Accounts Receivable

    Reduce data entry errors with automated proration based on move-in and move out dates.

Manage all of your billing in one place.Billing.png

We all know there’s a tendency to leave money on the table in the senior sector. Move-in, transfer and move-out dates don’t always get entered properly or in a timely manner, nor do changes in care. There’s also time and error involved in manually calculating prorations and other calculations.

Combine those with all the disparate methods used in any given system which may include everything from spreadsheets to emails to sticky notes and beyond…and keeping accurate records becomes a game of constant catch-up, and of hits and misses.

Vitals Billing & Accounts Receivable was created to help you avoid all of that while maximizing efficiencies. Vitals helps you optimize revenue with a direct interface to drive real-time, automated billing based upon move-in, move-out, transfer, census and assessments.

Vitals Billing & Accounts Receivable

  • Unlimited user accounts (no licensing fees) 
  • Automated report delivery on a set schedule
  • Automate recurring daily/monthly charges
  • Add batch charges
  • Prorate charges based on billing start and billing end dates
  • Auto calculate late fees
  • Assign multiple payors based on GL account and/or percentages
  • Prepare monthly invoices
  • Post payments and adjustments
  • Create batch deposits
  • Email invoices to responsible parties
  • Collect payments via check, credit card or ACH
  • Post journal entries in general ledger
  • Compile bank reconciliations, create batched deposits
  • Enter one-time or recurring ancillary charges that can be proratable as well — eliminate data-entry errors and save time by not having to manually calculate prorations
  • Perform month end hard close
  • Produce rent roll, adjustments, A/R aging, billing journal and cash receipts reports
  • Compare variances of market rates to actual rates
  • Access a report’s entire history from one screen instead of multiple screens and apps
  • Update annual rate increases and produce automated rate increase letters
  • Stay on top of billing with automated changes in fees that are based on level changes in assessments
  • Capture ancillary fees individually or in batches, ensuring that no fee or service goes unbilled
  • Multi-site management capability with data as mobile as you are — work from any web connection, anywhere
  • Customizable drop-down menus
  • Dashboard with customizable key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Searchable knowledge database for fast support answers 24/7/365

Thanks to our connected, integrated Vitals Software Suite, your communities can avoid situations where manual data entry and re-entry with disconnected systems can create serious revenue loss. In fact, Vitals customers show an average of 17% higher revenue after 18 months of Vitals use.

Like other Vitals Assisted Living Software solutions, Billing & Accounts Receivable helps you optimize your business as you maximize your bottom line. Ask for a demo today and see what a difference Vitals can mean to your productivity and profitability.

Having the care levels from our assessments drive billing and automated proration calculations have helped reduce data entry errors, avoid service level creep, and capture revenue in a timely manner.

Tim L., Artis Senior Living