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When I was in school, some may have considered me "the class clown". At times it felt like I personified “negative disruption”. But now that I’m all grown up, I think I’ve figured out ways to channel my “disruptive” tendencies into what I call being "positively disruptive” (btw, I’m still the “class clown” - just for my family).

So what do positive disruptions look like?

How do we shift our thinking from, "How do I fix this problem?" to "How can I capitalize on this opportunity?" In other words, how can we become “positively disruptive”?

Channeling your inner disruptor can be as simple as: “Hey, Boss, I’ve got an idea for a new approach. Can we explore it?”.

For me, as the leader in my company, this is one of the key aspects of running my business that excites me the most. It allows me to experience the same level of fulfillment and passion as I did when I started developing technology for senior living almost 20 years ago.

It’s what connects my company with the innovators in this industry. It's exciting to see the “young blood” who's looking at things differently rather than maintaining the everyday status quo.

By sharing how this looks for me, I hope in some way you are able to take these concepts and apply them to your business.

Explore these 5 steps when trying to create  "positive disruptions" within your business:

  • Take time to examine efforts or activities you can undoubtedly be doing better
  • Pay close attention to innovators, leaders, and your competitors
    • Emulate what works and discard the rest
  • Evaluate and assist employees with processes for higher productivity/service delivery 
  • Assess your approach to producing higher revenues and returns for investors
  • Execute one change you feel will lead to higher staff satisfaction and retention 

There is no better time than now, the start of 2017, to assemble a plan and begin to execute. Let’s start by listing our idea/goal/plan.

In 2017, I want to start ‘positively disrupting’ my business by….

positive disruptions graphic for blog-1.jpg

Three is a great start. Its a level of ‘positive disruption’ that just about anyone, at any level of an organization can make.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll unpack how you can begin to plan and execute your plan for having a ‘positive disruption’ on your business. Be sure to tune in.

In the meantime, here are some of our solutions we're engaged in that can have a "positively disruptive" impact on your business:

  • Linking the following into one tightly integrated, simplified work flow:
    • Positive disruptions example graphic.jpg
  • Connecting the Hubspot website marketing solution to Vitals
    • Lead data captured on your website now appears in Vitals right alongside traditional marketing efforts like tours and outreach
  • Customized investor/owner reports
    • Reports fit the exact format owners are accustomed to seeing
    • Quick and easy to generate
  • Use a single assessment to:
    • Drive Billing
    • Manage Care Plans
    • Fill out state required forms exactly as each state requires

The only thing constant in business is change. Let's change it up this year.


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