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    Incident Tracking & Alerting

    Eliminate manual & paper based proceses.

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    Incident Tracking & Alerting

    Identify trends. Respond quickly.
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    Incident Tracking & Alerting

    Reduce insurance premiums.

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    Incident Tracking & Alerting

    Drive care that improves your bottom line.

Leverage Data for Greater Profitability | Reduce Risk | Increase Compliance

Incident Tracking & Alerting gives you a comprehensive solution to fully document every resident incident, accident or injury. Incidents are rated by severity level with HIPAA-compliant phone, email and text alerts automatically sent to key personnel for immediate action and reduced liability.

Like the rest of the Vitals solutions, Incident Tracking & Alerting is customizable assisted living software that’s easily adaptable to help you leverage your data for better profitability and risk reduction — plus greater utility and compliance.

Incident Tracking & Alerts Built by Senior Living Professionals for Senior Living Professionals

  • Unlimited user accounts (no licensing fees)
  • Robust dashboard with customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) and report generation
  • User-defined incident categories and respective severity levels
  • Automated alerts notify designated staff via email, text and/or voice messaging
  • Directs recipient to a HIPAA-compliant secure area to view incident details and take prompt corrective action
  • Identify patterns and trends to harness data so you know what’s working — and where to focus risk management improvements
  • Increase profitability and compliance (internally as well) by putting your data to work facility- and/or system-wide
  • Provides for multiple levels of signoff
  • All data is cloud-based, available on any device with a Web connection, and resides on secure, HIPAA-compliant servers
  • BONUS: Ask about how implementing our incident tracking solution can qualify for reduced insurance premiums — save  as much as 20%

Consistent Tracking for Every Resident & Every Incident

The problem with some tracking software is that it doesn’t offer enough functionality or that it’s too costly. And old-fashioned paper documents or spreadsheets only invite trouble. Vitals Incident Tracking & Alerting is a robust, affordable, intuitive solution created to work a la carte or as part of our  integrated suite of senior living software.

Here are some additional things you can do with Vitals Incident Tracking & Alerting:

  • Use a resident’s pattern of incidents to inform families about cost increases and care plan changes
  • Identify trends that can help improve your service plans
  • Improve training and enforce consistent compliance
  • Drive care that impacts profitability
  • Stay up-to-date from any web-enabled device 24/7/365 with one intuitive, simple and customizable incident tracking system


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