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Vitals Software was formed in 1999 by a partnership of successful senior housing professionals who recognized the need for a comprehensive software solution designed for the unique business practices of an assisted living company.

The partners set out to develop a product that would be affordable, leverage the emerging Internet backbone, be customizable to unique practices of different operators in different states, and eliminate the duplication of effort caused by multiple detached systems.

Vitals has been successful in achieving these objectives and today is a leader in Assisted Living Software and we think the most flexible and innovative.

Some of the unique characteristics that define the needs of a senior housing software provider include the ability for the application to adapt to a wide variety of operational management practices, various state regulatory requirements, limited technology budgets and geographical distribution of facilities. Vitals has met these unique demands by developing a fully web-based, modular, highly customizable and affordable application.

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The Vitals team was instrumental in assisting my company through a recent acquisition. Their prompt attention and timely support helped ensure the transition was smooth and had minimal impact on the communities utilizing the Vitals program.

Frank Wehr | CEOArtis Senior Living