Integrating with 3rd party lead generation tools


Health Care Capital

Atlanta, Georgia

Pete Green, Owner

Marshall Gill, Owner 


Health Care Capital is an assisted living provider with seven locations in Georgia and Louisiana. The original founders have more than 75 years of combined experience in caring for seniors.


Health Care Capital contracts with A Place for Mom as a 3rd party source for web based lead generation. When a new lead is generated from A Place for Mom, an email notification gets sent out to the community with the lead’s contact information for follow up. Health Care Capital found it time consuming and redundant for their staff to re-enter the lead demographics and notes that were provided in the email into Vitals. They were also concerned that some of the leads were not getting entered into Vitals at all. Health Care Capital was looking for a way to integrate these leads directly into Vitals.

Vitals Role and Resolution

Health Care Capital consulted with Vitals to review the current process and identify a way that the web based leads that were generated from A Place For Mom could automatically be populated in the Vitals application. The Vitals development team worked directly with A Place for Mom to develop an interface that accomplished this goal.

Vitals now has a way to effectively integrate web based leads into their software as they are generated from company websites or 3rd party websites, such as A Place For Mom and


  • Eliminated manual data entry of web based leads

  • Automated and ensured that web based leads are entered into Vitals

  • Improved staff productivity

  • Allowed for timely follow up activity