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One-Size-Fits-All: Great for Socks; Bad for Assisted Living Software.

 socks 500 wide.jpgSocks. We all buy them. We all wear them. And lucky for us, most are stretchy enough to fit just about any size foot. But, let's get to the point, you don't care about buying socks. 

As Assisted Living providers, finding the right systems to operate efficiently is a huge decision. Streamlining care, meeting occupancy goals or challenges, controling costs, all the while improving resident satisfaction, are just a few of the things your assisted living software must do for you.

The assisted living landscape of the 21st century is ever-changing

With an estimated 30,000 ALFs and more than one million residents in the US alone, a One-Size-Fits-All software solution can not possibly fit all ALF providers. 

For nearly two decades, the Assisted Living and Senior Living markets have struggled to achieve a strong single software platform or standards around integration of multiple systems. A redefinition of how technology partners work together in the senior living space is in order.

Today, a typical Assisted Living operation can use over 10 different software and technology solutions to manage its business. From accounting to payroll, sales tracking to census, HR and electronic health records, the options are varied, lack integration, and introduce challenges of sharing data between disparate systems.

Integrated Solutions Allow You to Keep the Systems that Work for You

While it's an exciting time in our industry, here at Vitals we have recognized the lack of a single "integrated solution" that does it all. To meet this challenge, we have developed the first "partner portal" that allows technology solutions from various providers to integrate information.

A few of our partners include: 

This solution enables you, the provider, the opportunity to connect the Vitals senior living management suite with your “go to” systems, allowing you to share information amongst platforms.

You keep the systems you love. We help you integrate them all.

This shifts the emphasis from a single tech provider "doing it all" to each company cooperating and sharing information effectively. The model of single-suite solutions doing it all assumes one company and one product can adapt to the rapidly changing market and do so consistently with how individual operators choose to run their businesses.

You are unique. At Vitals, we can create the software that is unique to your day-to-day functions allowing you the opportunity to provide efficient and effective care everyday.

It is absolutely best to partner with the top technology providers in the industry to bring a standard to how technology companies in the senior living industry communicate. Did you know that Vitals currently integrates with multipule software solutions already in the market and will continue to certify others as the market demands.

We offer Assisted Living providers the best possible system to manage essential functions daily. We can do the same for you.

Take Full Advantage of the Vitals Partner Portal Now - Customize Your Software Today!

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