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Vitals Software Announces Server Upgrade

Vitals Software, a leading provider of integrated software solutions for the senior living industry, is pleased to announce that they have successfully completed a server upgrade as part of their commitment to continuous improvement.  Vitals recently migrated to OnRamp as their new cloud-based data hosting environment.  “The upgrade to a new server was imperative in order for our organization to meet the needs of our significantly growing client-base,” explains Robert Mann, President of Vitals Software.  

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Exceptional Support Is An Exceptional Privilege

I’m extremely humbled and I marvel each day with the level of trust that companies place in us. These aren’t just any companies. These are companies whose mere existence is to enrich the lives of the generations that have come before us. The generations that raised us, that served us long before we had the privilege of serving them. And in the smallest and in a somewhat disconnected way, I feel its the least we can do but to serve those who serve them.
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