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Exceptional Support Is An Exceptional Privilege

I’m extremely humbled and I marvel each day with the level of trust that companies place in us. These aren’t just any companies. These are companies whose mere existence is to enrich the lives of the generations that have come before us. The generations that raised us, that served us long before we had the privilege of serving them. And in the smallest and in a somewhat disconnected way, I feel its the least we can do but to serve those who serve them.
Here’s just a few of the support questions we've received in the last 24 hours:
“How can I access Vitals from home?"
“How can I upload a bulk list of leads so I don’t have to enter them one at a time?"
“Why is the system running slow today?"
“Is there a way that we can generate a task sheet automatically from the assessment and service plan?"
If you look right below the surface of these requests, there’s a personresidents_small.jpg….a very BUSY person that needs just a little help. A person who has committed themselves, their careers, to serving others. They don’t ask for much - just some help to “logon at night” while many of us have moved past the struggles of our workday. Or to "get the leads entered quicker" so they can actually help someone get moved into an apartment. Think about what a difficult time this is in the lives of those families? The senior? Never mind the staff person who has made it their mission to make this process as thoughtful and dignified as possible. What an emotional time it can be.
There’s a person that needs us to help them. To help them do something quicker but because something, anything, between their computer and our servers is slowing them down. In frustration, they have to move on without completing their task - at least for now. A person that would like to simplify their workload just a little to free up just enough time to do what they really came to do - help seniors live out their days in the most pleasant, caring, loving way possible.
We don’t always get it right, but when we remind ourselves of the “exceptional support” you provide, it makes it our “exceptional privilege” to serve you. A little goes a long way. Thanks for trusting in us.
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