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Technology, Culture & The Search for "Utopian" Software

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many senior living companies for the past 20 years. I’ve seen many thrive with cultures that retain great people and put technology to work in ways that lead to even greater success. I’ve also seen the opposite. I’ve seen technology be made the “scapegoat” for mismanaged and dysfunctional organizations that struggle to “solve” their problems with technology only to end up frustrated that it wasn’t the magic solution they’d hoped for.

I started my technology “career” when I was a freshman in college in Wichita "way" back in the early 90s. Our newly chartered School of Entrepreneurship was having a contest and I was all in. The solution I devised was simple – every morning I would fax (yes fax) a single piece of paper that contained local news, events, weather and a small ad spot (hey, a college kid had to eat). I sent this to subscribing hotels (there was no cost to them) and they would place it in a commons area for guests to view. The service was called Key Guests. The concept was simple (as I’ve found most good ideas to be), it won an award but more importantly, I learned by working with different hotel dont-dwell-on-it.pngoperators how “culture” made the key difference. Operators who chose to File 13 the fax missed out on an opportunity to “inform” their guests. Operators who chose to prominently display the information in a way that was useful to their guests were providing a small, but important benefit. It also told the staff “hey, we care enough about our guests to inform them, any way we can, in order to make their stay just slightly better”. If that meant that the housekeepers or bellman picked up on this subtle gesture about their employers culture and treated guests a little better, I’d done my part.

Today I run a software company that specifically creates solutions for senior living companies. Solutions that advance culture, connectedness, profits and opportunity. This is where I fit and I love it. I love it, not because our solution is the Marvellaphony-organomi of software (sorry for the children book reference, I have three MarvelphonyOrganmi.pngsmall boys and we love Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift) but because, every day, I have the opportunity to listen and apply my skills and abilities to solving REAL challenges our industry faces and do it with a dedicated team of professionals that, mostly because of our culture, believe we can make a difference in yours.

Let’s take the journey together. Learn more at or send me an email, txt or yes,  even a “fax”.

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