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Vitals | CareGrove Payment Processing Now Available

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Vitals would like to introduce our new partnership with CareGrove, an automated solution for senior living payment processing allowing residents and families to pay their invoices directly with a credit card online, over the phone via community staff, or in person at the front desk.

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"They are transparent on prices, quick to react and always available for questions. They are also very flexible and can accommodate any requests or customization in such a fast way! It is a pleasure to work with and recommend CareGrove."

- Florent Nestar, Discovery Senior Living

Spend time solving problems rather than manually depositing checks. Spend time launching new projects on increasing revenue rather than on inputting data.

With CareGrove and Vitals, residents can easily log in, view, and pay for their bills online. As the community administrator, you can easily batch import the data for your residents in our HIPAA compliant admin portal. The payments that residents make on bills can simply be exported and reconciled with your accounting tool as a cash receipt. Within a matter of time, your funds are automatically deposited into your bank.

Senior Living Benefits

  • Increased efficiencies with less time processing checks.

  • Reduced delinquencies with automated payments.

  • Fewer billing inquiries and reduced write-offs.

  • Better cash flow with real-time payout.

  • Accessible Payment option that makes it easier to close sales on the spot.

Call. Click. Or Logon today to see how Vitals and CareGrove can help your Senior Living operation run more effectively.


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