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Vitals | Hubspot Integration Updates



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Vitals will soon be releasing our latest update to our Hubspot integration. Our enhanced interface provides a comprehensive, bi-directional exchange of information between the Vitals and Hubspot platforms. As leads are received, they are updated in both systems. So whether your leads come in directly through Vitals or via your company website, 3rd party referral services or any other connected source for leads, information is kept updated in both Vitals and Hubspot to take advantage of the powerful features of each platform.

In addition to leads, the integration also keeps all activities synchronized. This ensures that whether you’re looking at a lead through Vitals or through Hubspot, you have the same picture of how the lead is progressing through the sales process. This information can be powerful when used in conjunction with automated communications and workflows in Hubspot.

For example (see illustration), if a lead inquires via your websites (Hubspot action) and then a tour is completed (Vitals action), an automated post-tour follow-up can be sent from Hubspot to the lead thanking them for visiting. Many other automations ranging from auto-scheduling follow-up activities based on your availability to customizing website content based on user actions can be performed using this powerful integration.


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The bottom line; Vitals and Hubspot together helps ensure that your leads are receiving timely communications and keeping your sales teams on top of critical lead activities.

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