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    Census & Occupancy Tracking

    Compare budgeted versus actual occupancy.
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    Census & Occupancy Tracking

    Easily process move-ins, move-outs, and transfers.
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    Census & Occupancy Tracking

    Manage units including product types, unit styles, square footage and apartment descriptions.

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The Vitals Census & Occupancy Tracking helps you reduce staff burdens, consistently enforce policies and drive profitability in a non-confrontational way. Like other Vitals Assisted Living Software solutions, it helps you optimize your business as you maximize your bottom line.

The Vitals Census & Occupancy Tracking dashboard has customizable KPIs, and is fast, easy and intuitive to use.  It also features automatic workflows from other Vitals products to significantly reduce data entry errors.  Leads easily convert to residents without having to re-enter data.

Vitals Census & Occupancy Tracking

  • Unlimited user accounts (no licensing fees) 
  • Automated report delivery on a set schedule
  • Track both census (residents) and occupancy (units)
  • Manage units including product types, unit styles, square footage and descriptions
  • Assign keys, parking spaces and storage units
  • Easily process move-ins, move-outs and transfers
  • Compare budgeted occupancy to actual occupancy
  • Track rate changes and rate histories
  • Record resident leave of absences (LOA) so you know exactly who is in the building at any given time
  • Automated residency agreements and rate increase letters
  • Compare financial and physical occupancy reports
  • Track building licensing information and quality assurance checklists
  • Create real-time custom occupancy reports to meet your business rules
  • Frontline service delivery integration with TheWorxHub
  • Multi-site management capability with data as mobile as you are — work from any web connection, anywhere
  • HIPAA-compliant data hosting servers
  • Customizable drop-down menus
  • Dashboard with customizable key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Searchable knowledge database for fast support answers 24/7/365

Avoid liability issues as well — you always know what your true census is at any given moment with customized, reliable reports and capability that you just won’t find elsewhere. Leave paper hassles and messy spreadsheets behind with Vitals Census & Occupancy Tracking.

Bonus: because Vitals works with industry players at the top of their game (98% occupancy is common among our clients), we’re able to pass on benchmarking methodologies and knowledge to help you drive occupancy, innovation and success in your communities.

And don’t forget — Vitals software is never generic or repurposed. We provide customizable solutions created by senior living experts for senior living experts. Agility isn’t just a thought at Vitals. It’s an everyday practice.

Like other Vitals Assisted Living Software solutions, Census & Occupancy Tracking helps you optimize your business as you maximize your bottom line. Ask for a demo today and see what a difference Vitals can mean to your productivity and profitability.

With over 20 properties in our portfolio, the Vital Sign dashboard allows us to view real time census and occupancy percentages at a glance.

Todd S.,Provision Living Communities